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Perfect LED Rainbow Light

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Tell me - What is a Fading Rainbow?

Tell me - What does it do?

Million Points of Light - Developed and programmed by a leading color scientist showing more RGB colors than common six or seven color fading programs normally seen on the WEB and elsewhere today. Microcontroller driven, inherently capable of producing over 16 million RGB combinations, its program takes advantage of more limited human color discrimination to efficiently fill in the black hole presented by imitation products. Sequenced in a familiar visual array so aligned with human color perception, and so subtly pleasing that you'll likely end up watching the changing colors in a hypnotic, almost addictive manner. Give it a chance to grow on you like it did on us. Experience stimulation from the light, bright pastel colors missing from other LED color light shows along with some darker colors seldom seen anywhere. Maybe only in "The Perfect Fading Rainbow Light Show"! You won't be sorry for watching.


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• Use as mood lighting to create ambience.
• A great night light, kids love them and you will too.
• Use as a comforting light in the darkness of power outages.
• Put one in your bedroom to relax you to sleep.
• Place in container of your choice for festive occasions.
• Create your own special curio.
• Buy several for a multiple treat.

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